Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres, Stick It Yourself Box
Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres, Front side
Wooden Astrolabe mapospheres custom
Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres, Transfer onto Wood zoom
Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres, Back side
Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres,Regular Box
Wooden Astrolabe mapospheres Transfer onto Wood Front face
Wooden Astrolabe mapospheres custom
Wooden Astrolabe, mapospheres, Transfer onto Wood zoom
Wooden Astrolabe mapospheres Transfer onto Wood


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Making a wooden astrolabe using Wood transfer technique

True hand-held computers that have been in use for centuries, these wooden Astrolabes are instruments that can be used by everyone to read and anticipate the position of the stars and can serve as a clock, a compass, or a telescope... All this in your hands !

- 16,5 cm diameter (6,5")
- Softwood plywood made from spruce
- Laminated labels at your latitude !
- User's manual - 20 pages about its history and main usages

You can get this wooden measuring instrument in four different versions:

- Regular Astrolabe: your wooden astrolabe will be delivered ready-to-use along with your user's Manual
- Kit Astrolabe: prepare it yourself and learn while assembling your astrolabe
- Wood Transfer Astrolabe: vintage quality of printing using a wood transfer technique
- Personalized Wood Transfer Astrolabe: add your name on the back of your astrolabe!

eco label


Please read the FAQ section and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions!

astrolabe mapospheres

1. Print your new Climate and glue it on thick paper

2. Insert it into the Womb. For higher precision, ensure that the Climate is inserted according to the above illustration with the colored dots matching one another.

3. You can store several Climates in your astrolabe if you plan to use it under different latitudes!

These Climates are all prepared to fit exactly your astrolabe and be used in the Northern Hemisphere. For Southern Hemisphere or the other parts of your Astrolabe, please contact me ! :)

Climate Latitude 65°N
Climate Latitude 60°N
Climate Latitude 55°N
Climate Latitude 52°N
Climate Latitude 51°N
Climate Latitude 50°N
Climate Latitude 49°N
Climate Latitude 48°N
Climate Latitude 47°N
Climate Latitude 46°N
Climate Latitude 45°N
Climate Latitude 44°N
Climate Latitude 43°N
Climate Latitude 42°N
Climate Latitude 41°N
Climate Latitude 40°N
Climate Latitude 35°N
Climate Latitude 30°N
Climate Latitude 25°N
Climate Latitude 20°N
Climate Latitude 15°N
Climate Latitude 10°N