Our Partnerships

Ecotree is a company dedicated to the environmental and economic development of forests and to biodiversity in Europe (Ecotree's website). Various hectares of forest are renewed each year, and many projects of biodiversity take shape in order to revive damaged or lethargic ecosystems.

Mapospheres committed 2% of its turnover to this company in early 2022 and helped the growing of 33 trees of diverse varieties to compensate its many products made of wood (paper maps, astrolabes...).

Léko is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) approved by the French State in charge of managing the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for household packaging on behalf of companies that produce or import packaged products on French territory (Leko's website).

Mapospheres has signed an agreement with Leko in 2022 to prevent, collect, and recycling its packaging for maps.