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"Today it has become cool to get passionate about geography" (


Only a few people could make a map centuries ago: they drew it with great attention to the details by hand, and not many could read or use it. Cartography has known a golden age in the last 20 years with the development of location-based services, spatial data management and visualization software. Born along with mathematics and astronomy, in practice cartography has always been a state-of-the-art science in communication and design.


Mapospheres is a brand new company that aims to make representations of the World more captivating and even more diverse. Depicting our planet is a call for exploration. It is moreover a way to say that we won't accept to spoil its aesthetic beauty. In a way, cartography is a form of activism.


You can also discover, in the meantime, different artwork of our artistic sphere on and its breathtaking Ultimate Frisbee and the RunningTrails301's map or the first paper maps of these outdoor activities!


Let's make maps and location more prevalent in our society !


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He is the man who thought it was a great idea


... and no one dared to tell him it wasn't. Stephane has a strong background in map making. But patience doesn't exactly fit him. Map business helped him in channeling his appetite for new spaces and is a clever workaround so far !