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MAPS - Display your private geography with our unique poster which emphasizes the inner green spaces and take a moment to really look at your favorite city with this large-sized colorful city map printed on demand and easy to order!

You can choose ANY CITY OF THE WORLD to jazz up your rooms at home or in your office with a large poster "City Map". Map your 'loved at first sight' travel destinations or display your city of birth at your workplace or even simply the place you have never been... (yet).

Mapospheres created a very good mix of mapmaking (these posters are real maps!) and design. You can get City maps (RED DARK, BLACK AND WHITE and NIGHT DESIGN), Love Maps or Elevation Maps in full page or round shape format. These maps are both accurate and decorative since they have been carefully checked by a mapmaker and adapted depending on the unique specificities of each city's geography.

The sustainability of our wall maps or our canvas is guaranteed thanks to a special UV Gel inking. Your poster or your canvas will follow you when you move to another place and will fit your furniture.

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All our home-made maps strictly comply with open sources data philosophy and legal aspects. The data used to create these maps comes from OpenStreetMap and is under Creative Commons 4.0 licence (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International - CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Paper maps are professionally printed by our partner on 180gsm Satin paper with an eco-friendly, UV gel ink quality which gives an embossed-like sharpness of the map.

Canvas are printed, framed and shipped by another polish partner - printing at 1440 dpi resolution resistant to UV radiation, high quality cotton canvas 285g / m2, no need to frame it!

The scale varies from 1:50000 to 1:100000 (on rare occasion 1:25000 or 1:150000) according to the selected city topography or rendering.

You can get a FULL-PAGE or a ROUND-SHAPE pattern as an option.

Mapospheres aims to promote cultural diversity! The name of the city will be set by default in English (ex: CONSTANCE/GERMANY). Please do not hesitate to mention in *YOUR CART* if you want it in another language (KONSTANZ/DEUTSCHLAND).


ASTROLABES - They are made with Softwood plywood from spruce. They are delivered with high-quality laminated stickers or printed with transfer onto wood finish in four different versions:

- Regular Astrolabe: your wooden astrolabe will be delivered ready-to-use along with your user's Manual
- Kit Astrolabe: prepare it yourself and learn while assembling your astrolabe
- Wood Transfer Astrolabe: vintage quality of printing using a wood transfer technique
- Personalized Wood Transfer Astrolabe: add your name on the back of your astrolabe.


Please read our section FAQ and do not hesitate to send us a message should you have any questions!